What's New
Pediatric Stroke Awareness month is coming in May! 
We need your help to make May matter this year. The campaign theme is "Life After Stroke" and we want to hear from you! Please send us your story of how your child’s stroke has impacted your child and your life. What is your new normal? How has your family been affected? What about your child’s siblings? What you have learned? What advice would you give to others just starting out on this journey?
We also encourage the families whose child lost their battle after a stroke to share their story. Those may be the most important, but understandably the most difficult to share. 
Here is what we need from you:
  • Write up a short narrative of what life is like after a pediatric stroke. Around 500 - 750 words. You can send it as an attachment or just text in the email. You may also use Google docs and send a link to share it.
  • Please include your child's age at the time of stroke. You can also include their age now if applicable.
  • Email it to Mary Kay Ballasiotes at info@iapediatricstroke.org
  • We can do light editing on your writing, so please don't feel you have to be a novelist to submit your story. Once we receive it, we will send you a release form allowing us to post it on the campaign website.
  • We would like to include a photo of your child, so please submit that as well.
We will be collecting stories from around the world throughout the month of April. These stories will be published on our campaign website united4pediatricstroke.org in May and privacy is important to us, therefore we will only be sharing first names. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.
We know sharing your personal story of how stroke impacted your child, can indeed be difficult. However, we encourage sharing, because it is through these real-life stories that we can continue to create awareness about Life After Stroke. Thank you for helping to Make May Matter for pediatric stroke!

We need to hear from the Medical Community too! 
We will be including a page of resources for what to do after a stroke on our campaign website in addition to the family stories. If you are a therapist, medical specialist, healthcare provider, or researcher that needs participants, have a camp, special therapy program, or a stroke-related treatment center for children impacted by stroke, please send us the information. We want to be as inclusive as possible and include resources from around the world. 
If you are already listed on our Camps page or Stroke-Related Treatment Center page, please contact us with any updates. 
Please submit detailed information to Mary Kay Ballasiotes at info@iapediatricstroke.org. If you have any questions, please let us know.
Thank you!