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Washington, DC, area
Researchers at the Center for Brain Plasticity and Recovery (CBPR) at Georgetown University Medical Center in Washington, DC, are studying the effects of childhood stroke on cognitive and language abilities. Drs. Elissa Newport, Alexander Dromerick, Anna Greenwald, and our colleagues are interested in discovering how well children recover from strokes and which brain areas take over for stroke-damaged areas during recovery. To do so, we give children, teenagers, and young adults some tasks involving language, visual-spatial, and other cognitive skills. During some of the tasks, we take detailed brain pictures using functional MR imaging (fMRI). Understanding which brain areas are best at taking over after a stroke will allow us to develop future treatments for children who experience strokes.
You and your child can help with this important research that involves absolutely zero radiation or needles! We are looking for children, teens, and young adults age 11 and older who had a stroke around the time of birth or during childhood. Siblings, friends, and adult survivors of pediatric stroke are also welcome! We are happy to help arrange transportation to and from Georgetown University Medical Center. Participants will be paid for their time and, if from out of town, provided with hotel and transportation to and from Washington, DC.
If you are willing to participate, please email cbpr@georgetown.edu or call 202-687-3727. To find out more about research studies at the Center for Brain Plasticity and Recovery, please visit Center for Brain Plasticity and Recovery